Expo Contratista Trade Show Keeps Breaking Ground in Texas

Expo Contratista Taps Into Booming Immigrant Population in Texas

HOUSTON, Jan. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  Expo Contratista’s entrée into San Antonio’s construction industry is the biggest and only exposition for Hispanic contractors in Texas, with three locations: San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. The New General Contractors and Subcontractors Round Table promises to connect contractors and supervisors while helping to reverse the state-wide labor shortage.

The 2020 census has shown that for every white immigrant that is recorded, there are 11 other non-whites — and these 11 others are usually Hispanics. Texas’ last census, conducted in 2020, has shown the surprising growth of the population in the state (source: https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/fact/table/TX/POP010210).

The National Hispanic Contractors Association‘s co-founder Sergio Terreros said, “The new census numbers and Hispanic contractors staying three times longer in the construction industry show there is no doubt that the association will need to focus and embrace, educate and empower the community to build better and stronger construction companies. The construction industry needs them!”

An impressive 16 percent growth rate over the past decade has shown that 95 percent of that additions are people of color, Hispanics included. Hispanics have grown to about 39.3 percent of Texas’ population, which is just a little less than the non-Hispanic whites in the state. 

Expo Contratista will capitalize on the momentum and help foster networking and progress. After all, the need for development is a major impetus of Hispanic immigration, not just in Texas but in the entire country. The majority of these Hispanics are construction workers, and hence, the reason for many industry developments and innovations. Enlightening people, forging partnerships among consumers and construction professionals, and among construction professionals is a driving trend.

As the largest Hispanic construction trade fair in the USA, Expo Contratista brought more than 2,100 Hispanic contractors to Houston last year. We believe we will far exceed that number in 2022, bringing together the hopes of 11 million Hispanic industry professionals. Sharing knowledge and experience in a stimulating atmosphere — buying, selling, meeting people, making deals — will be all under one roof at Expo Contratista Texas 2022.

The last trade show was dazzling, far exceeding expectations. Different construction entities and industry professionals were allowed to network, exhibit their wares, and learn. Contractors like plumbers, ironworkers, welders, carpenters, pipe-fitters, landscapers, concrete workers, painters, and general contractors have testified to the impact of Expo Contratista on their businesses after attending. 

Attendees of Expo Contratista 2021 agreed that this is what Hispanic contractors have been waiting for. It opens up businesses to not just people in Texas, but customers and investors around the world. Because it also helps winnow down to a target audience, Expo Contratista has proven to be that bridge between Hispanic contractors and hiring managers, as well as the world market.

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