Speakers Agenda 29

Topic:Welcome Message

Speaker: Sergio Terreros

Join us for an inspiring opening as the visionary founder of NAHICA sets the stage with a warm Welcome Message

Topic:Productos y Programa Latinos.

Speaker: Arturo Gomez

Productos y programa latino.

Topic:Metal Roof Restoration with Coatings

Speaker: Graciel Rodriguez

How to propertly assess the need of a repair or restoration of metal roofs, and which types of materials can be used. We will also review the products and steps to install a coating system properly when restoring an old metal roof. What are the benetifs for the roofing contractors and building owners when getting a metal roof repaired or fully restored with liquid coatings.

Topic:Closing the Day

Speaker: Sergio Terreros

Bringing the day to a remarkable conclusion, the NAHICA founder takes the stage once again to deliver a captivating closing.